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Twitter Reacts To President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals

President Barack Obama made plenty of friends and enemies today when he revealed his proposals to reduce gun-related crime in the country. Whether you’re for or against, most can agree that some of Obama’s proposals make pragmatic sense, while others constitute some of the most extreme gun regulation the US has ever seen on the […]

Social Media Winners And Losers In Sports

Social media is full of network active sports teams and a new infographic examines sports biggest winners and losers in social networking. The infographic was put together by Eventility, a platform for organizing and promoting events, clubs, groups, communities or places. Here are the most liked sports teams on Facebook: Barcelona – 38 million Real […]

Twitter Photos Not Free To Distribute By News Outlets, Rules Judge

Twitter photos require permission to use according to a U.S. District Judge. The ruling came about in a case involving a photographer whose photos were used improperly by the Agence France-Presse (AFP) and The Washington Post back in 2010. Professional photographer Daniel Morel was on the scene in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck […]

Facebook Referral Links Drove Significant Sales During 2012 Holiday Shopping, Study Finds

E-commerce purchases resulting from Facebook referral links grew significantly during the 2012 holiday shopping period according to aggregate sales data collected by e-commerce platform developer Ecwid, Inc. Ecwid, a leader in online merchant referral programs collected data from more than 180,000 online merchants. One of the company’s products is a store-builder application that includes a […]