36% Of B2B Companies Not Investing In Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

A new study by Eloqua revealed that 36 percent of B2B companies aren’t investing in social media marketing. The study examined 548 companies and how they use social media to promote, interact, and sell.

64 percent of B2B companies are marketing in social media while 36 percent are not. When it comes to which departments manage the social media presence, the PR/Communications team contributes most at 26 percent. 23 percent said that it’s shared between different departments and 11 percent said the website team.

23 percent answered that their social media presence isn’t under the control of any specific department.

The number one reason for using social media was creating awareness at 83 percent. 56 percent want to increase social sharing. 55 percent want to gain more trust and a following. 32 percent use social media as an outbound marketing channel and 22 percent want a better understanding of market perception.

53 percent of B2B companies are not using social media for demand generation. There are several different factors: 43 percent say there is no strategy in place. 33 percent are unclear of the value and 25 percent say it’s not applicable.

18 percent said they simply lack the tools. 25 percent said they don’t know how their company plans to use social media marketing. However, 50 percent want increased reach and brand awareness. 35 percent want to drive inbound leads to increase revenue and 28 percent want a measurable impact on demand or revenue.

For a full look at the infographic, check it out below.



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