Twitter Account Has Fun With Ignorant “Your in America” Tweets

Twitter bots are often thought of as being of the spam variety, and an account by the name of Your [sic] in America is having a bit of fun with them. It’s been around since November 23rd and has already amassed over 8,000 followers.

The account’s objective is simple: Find Twitter users telling others to learn to speak English and saying, “Your in America,” and correcting them on it. So far, Your in America has posted 59 tweets and aggravated many users.

For being so simple, it’s pure comedic gold. Here’s just a few worth mentioning:

Your in America doesn’t just stop with Twitter users in the US. It also has a few choice words with those overseas:

Twitter is full of bots and it’s amusing to see accounts having a bit of fun instead of spamming out links.



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