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MTV And BET Twitter Accounts Hacked? Nope.

The MTV and BET Twitter accounts have been hacked! Wait no they haven’t! Following the account hacking of the @BurgerKing account yesterday the TV networks decided to use a similar “breaking news” format to market their networks. Both networks are owned by Viacom and unlike yesterday’s crude Burger King hack the MTV account this time […]

HappyPlace Advice Is The ‘Dear Abby’ Of Twitter

We’ll make it easy for you. You can start following HappyPlace Advice at @HPAdvice or just respond to this tweet right now: You’ve got questions. I’ve got extremely brief answers. — HappyPlace Advice (@HPAdvice) February 13, 2013

Visual Analytics Platform Curalate Adds Instagram Integration

Visual analytics tool Curalate has added Instagram support to its growing platform. Curalate is an analytics platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to decipher the individual pixels in a photo that has been shared. The platform then searches for a product related to the photo it is examining. The platform then showcases the number of […]