Venueseen Launches Instagram API, Allows Brands To Post User Photos

Venueseen Instagram API

Visual marketing firm Venueseen on Wednesday launched an API that allows brands to grab Instagram photos and showcase them on their product and events pages for their own websites.

The Venueseen API works by identifying specific Instagram metadata to identify photos. Corporate clients can grab location based information and other data about their products and then display those photos how they see fit on their own webpages.

One of the first clients to use the new Venueseen API will be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The API will be used by the raceway to pull in Instagram posted photos to promote the Indy 500. The tag #Indy500orBust will be used to pull in photos from Instagram and one winner who posts to that tag will receive a paid trip to the race on Memorial Day Weekend.

According to Venueseen the API does not violate Instagram’s TOS. Venueseen CEO Brian Zuercher notes:

“There’s been the terms-of-service discussion, but one of the things that got lost is that most brands don’t want to take anybody’s content. The meaningful part for them is actually engaging with that person.”

When a users photo is selected they will have the option to opt out of having their work displayed on the speedway’s official website.

The program is unique in that it allows brand managers to actually curate and then organize photos as they see fit, rather than simply aggregating the photos with no “human touch” to help with engagement.

According to the company 90% of Instagram users are exited to share their photos.

Venueseen Instagram API


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