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Vice Presidential Debate Generated 4 Million Tweets

The Vice Presidential debate generated 4 million tweets over its two hour period on Thursday night as Twitter users talked about the event and the politics surrounding it. While not as significant as the Presidential debate last week which garnered more than 10 Million tweets, Twitter has shown yet again how popular the platform is […]

Tweet More Get More Followers, Twitter Study Shows Simplicity Of Engagement

Twitter followers may not be as hard to obtain as originally thought. Sure you could be the most engaging guy or girl on Twitter or you could simply tweet a ton of messages. The team at Beevolve conducted a round of social analytics reseacher and found that the more a users tweets the more followers […]

New Skype Malware Is Bad: It Steals Everything, And Fast

If you get a Skype message that says “lol is this your new profile pic?” avoid the temptation to click it and check it out, because it is a bad bad bad piece of malware. The Next Web reported its existence, and now we know how bad the piece of malware actually is. It uses […]

YouTube Mobile Views Quadrupled In Past 18 Months

YouTube continues to grow exponentially and at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, YouTube’s Global Head of Content, Robert Kyncl, announced that mobile views have increased by 400% in the past 18 months. Previously, watching videos on mobile accounted for 6% of total traffic. Today that number is 25%. Robert went on to mention that he […]