Ed Koch Dead At 88. Famed New York Mayor Remembered On Twitter

Ed Koch Dead At 88

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch passed away on Friday after suffering from congestive heart failure. He was 88.

Koch was a flashy and active Mayor who liked to travel the streets of New York, asking his favorite question “how am I doing” while flashing the thumbs up.

While Koch was largely credited for pulling New York City out of fiscal disaster from 1978-1989, he was also criticized for not adequately responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis that came into full focus during his tenure. Koch was also criticized for not responding swiftly enough to New York City’s homelessness problems.

An adamant supporter of Gay right, Koch took on other politicians and even the Catholic church in his fight to secure proper standing for LGBT citizens.

His gay rights stance and his lifelong bachelorhood led to questions about his own sexuality to which he famously answered:

“My answer to questions on this subject is simply, ‘F— off.’ There have to be some private matters left.”

Koch left City Hall in January 1990 and spent the rest of his life battling health problems.

Following his death on Friday morning Twitter users were quick to react with kind words for the former New York Mayor.

Mayor Bloomberg was one of the first to respond:

Bloomberg was followed by Obama’s right hand man David Axelrod who tweeted:

But it wasn’t just politicians providing kind words for Ed Koch, regular Twitter users also jumped into the fray, here are several of their responses:

Other Tweets focused on the more controversial aspects of Ed Koch’s time as New York City Mayor:

In the end the best tweet was posted with the end quote from Ed Koch’s New York Times obit:



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