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Foursquare and Groupon Get Cozy

This should be interesting- location-based, deal-offering mobile game Foursquare and group-buying app Groupon are reportedly hooking up, according to “several sources.” AllThingsD first reported the liaison between the two niche services, and if it takes off, the collaboration could be hugely beneficial to both services and bridge a big gap in each. While Foursquare has […]

Twitter Releases “Twitter Follow Button” For Websites

Following in the footsteps of the Facebook Like Box for websites, Twitter today rolled out the “Twitter Follow Button” an option that allows site visitors to click on a single button to follow companies and individuals directly. In order to gain followers in the past Twitter users had to redirect their site visitors to their […]

Blurtl: Send Recorded Messages To Your Facebook Wall

Australian telecom company Telstra has come up with a Facebook Application that is quite possibly my newest momentary favorite feature on the social network sites radar. Called Blurtl the application allows users to create 30 second voice clips with their mobile phone which can then be posted to their personal Facebook walls. Created by DDB […]

Twitter To Launch Photo Sharing Feature, But Will Users Trust It?

Twitter is rumored to be working on a new photo sharing and hosting feature that will launch “very soon” but the real question is, who in their right mind would trust Twitter to store their photos, after all this is the same company who has failed to properly archive and allow for searching of basic […]