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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Reddit IAmA One-Liners

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Governator himself, did an IAmA for Reddit to promote his upcoming film The Last Stand today. Here are some of the best questions/responses/one-liners from the action legend’s thread. Schwarzenegger was asked a lot about some of the stand-out moments of his film career, with many references to lines and scenes that are […]

Instagram’s Unpopular Privacy Changes Cost Half Its Daily Users [Report]

Instagram’s massively unpopular Terms of Service change in December caused users of the social photo sharing service to initiate a mass exodus, and even though Instagram walked back on its new policies, users are still leaving in droves. AppStats, an app traffic company, provided data on Instagram that sheds some light on its user dilemma. […]

18% Of World’s Top CEOs On Social Networks, Study Shows

Social networks aren’t nearly as popular for the world’s top CEOs. A new study reveals that only 18 percent of top CEOs have at least one social media account. The study put together by PR and communications firm Weber Shandwick examined the social behavior of the world’s top 50 Chief Executives. The reputation of a […]