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Path App For Windows Phone Devices Is Under Development [Report]

Mobile social network Path is already available in the Apple App Store and through the Google Play store and not company CEO Dave Morin says the program is being developed for use with Windows Phones. Morin admits that 80 percent of the company’s time is spent developing the iOS platform however he believes that Microsoft’s […]

Kaptur’s Social Photo Album Service Raises $2 Million

Kaptur has raised $2 million for its social photo album, money that was culled form venture capital firms and angel investors. The company’s platform works as a photo curating site that grabs all of your friends’ pictures and status updates form Facebook and Twitter and then combines them into one album. Kaptur is currently in […]

Twitter Addiction, A Craving In 140-Characters [Infographic]

Twitter has attracted more than 100 million users who flock to the 140-character social network in the hopes of connecting with friends, selling their brands to new customers and sometimes for no other reason than to share the nuances of their daily lives. Unfortunately for some users the Twitter addiction according to researchers can be […]

Google+ Receives Much Needed Photo Management Upgrade

Google+ on Wednesday rolled out a new photo handling platform that makes it easier for Google+ users to share photos. Google added a new album organizer where photos can be sorted, reordered, moved and deleted. To access the organizer users click on a top level icon above the photos section. Once inside the organize mode […]