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Wayne Rooney Tweets Photo of New Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney just got a hair transplant, and I mean just got a hair transplant. Rooney, the Manchester United football star, tweeted a photo of his fresh hair transplant, blood and all. Rooney said on Twitter: “Hi all there’s my head. It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody to. But […]

Nokia S40 Gets Foursquare App: Hopes To Attract Entry Level Market

Foursquare, the world’s most popular location based check-in service has been available on Smartphones since the program launched, in fact the company relies on phones at the core of their service. Unfortunately for lower end phone users the program has been out of reach…until now. Nokia announced this week that their beta lab has released […]

McDonald’s Invents Giant Social Gaming Billboard, Players Win Free Food And Drink

A new McDonald’s Campaign in Sweden is drawing a lot of attention by allowing players to participate in a “digital Pong” game right on their smartphones. Players of the game literally play for their supper in 30 second games between other passerby’s. The system works by using a players Smartphone location to determine if they […]