Pinning Spring: Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks

Flower Blossom Cookies

Spring is finally in the air in my neck of the woods. Despite a late winter that put my gardening efforts on pause, the weather finally seems to be warming up. With spring finally upon us, my Pinterest feed is filled with pins inspired by the season. Here are my top favorite spring-inspired pins for the week.

Popular Spring Cookie Pin

I love baking cookies, especially for holidays. When I think of spring cookies, I usually think of sugar cookies or macaroons. However, my top Pinterest pick for the week is a new creative spring flower blossom cookie from Better Homes and Gardens. Just roll the dough into balls and snip with kitchen scissors to make easy flower-shaped cookies.

Flower Blossom Cookies

Popular Upcycled Craft Pin

Using materials found around the house is popular among parenting bloggers. Coffee filters in particular are fun to dye different colors and easy to work with. One craft in particular keeps showing up in my Pinterest feed: coffee filter flower baskets from Urban Comfort. This craft works from Easter at the end of March all the way through May Day at the beginning of May.

Popular Outdoor Spring Activity Pin

Warm weather means that kids can finally get outside and play after many months of being cooped up inside. My top pin pick of the week for inspired spring activities is the egg carton treasure hunt from Minimoz. Fill up an egg carrot with pictures of treasures to find and set your kids loose!

Spring Treasure Hunt

Popular Handprint Craft Pin

Handprint and footprint crafts are always a huge hit among parenting bloggers. My top pick for spring is a flower craft that uses both handprints and footprints: print flowers from Learning as We Grow.

Handprint and Footprint Flowers

Popular Nail Polish Pin

A lot of mom bloggers love getting creative with nail polish. I prefer to just paint my toes a single color, but I see so many fun pins of creative ways to decorate fingernails. My top pick of the week for spring-inspired nails is spring flower nails from The Sparkle Queen.

Spring Flower Fingernails

Do you have a favorite spring pin? Share in the comments below.

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Heather Johnson
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  1. I absolutely love handprint crafts. Another cute one that I saw was a handprint in green for the stem and then fingerprints on the fingertips to make the flower petals.