Facebook Is Being Used Incorrectly By Many Users, Study Finds

Facebook Problems

Have you watched as your own embarrassing information has been posted to Facebook? Or perhaps your teen has been hurt by messages left by bullying classmates. The team at Mobistealth believes that many teen Facebook users are using the social network incorrectly or maliciously with alarming effects.

The problem with Facebook misuse also extends to adult employees who waste too much time on the network and often share information that could harm their employment status.

According to Mobistealth 75% of workers check their Facebook accounts at least once or more per workday. Constant Facebook checking leads to decreased productivity which leads to less work actually getting done. The study also found that 27% of employers say they monitor employees’ social media account usage. 45% of employers do not have an official social network policy which means employees often get away with using their social accounts at will.

In terms of teen Facebook use approximately 24% of users say they have had mean or embarrassing messages posted about them. 29% of teens also claim to have been stalked online.

Do you think there are some alarming Facebook use issues that need to be better addressed:

Facebook Fails Happen A Lot

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  1. This is really up to the parents of the teens and the employers. It's not facebook or anyone else's fault or issue.

  2. I think it's important to hold yourself accountable for how much time you spend on FB. And kids who are using it "wrongly" should face consequences and be made aware of the effect negativity can have.