Colbert Follows Bill Clinton On Twitter [Video]

prez billy jeff

It isn’t typically news when a celebrity follows someone on Twitter but Stephen Colbert made history last night when he followed his first person ever.

So who received the honor of being the one and only person that Colbert is following? Prez Billy Jeff of course.

Colbert got President Bill Clinton to join Twitter earlier this month on a special episode of his show at the Clinton Global Initiative. The comedian could only secure the Twitter handle @PrezBillyJeff. Clinton played along on the show but eventually decided that he wanted a more… official sounding Twitter handle.

Bill Clinton joined Twitter (@BillClinton) and he said that he’s excited to join the Twitterverse.

Clinton said that he’d be using the platform to talk about the Clinton foundation. So far, however, the former president has only used his Twitter account during appearances on Colbert’s show.

Here’s a video from the Colbert Report last night.



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