Snctm’s NYC & LA Orgies Thrusting Forward in Face of COVID-19


Sex club Snctm has orgies coming up Saturday in LA, and another scheduled to occur on April 11 in Manhattan and the coronavirus will not stop them.

While events from a British marmalade festival to Austin’s SXSW have been canceled because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a couple of upcoming sex parties are spearing ahead nevertheless. “The company is going through the appropriate measures to sanitize the venues, screening those who plan on attending, and supplying extra soap and sanitizer with instructions about how to use them properly,” said a rep for the club. “The company takes all of this very seriously, for the safety of those attending. Refunds are also being given to those who desire to not attend, no questions asked.”

via NY Post

While New Yorkers are becoming too afraid to shake hands with strangers — let alone shaking anything more personal— the organizers tell news outlets and reporters that “Snctm events are going on as planned.” The club requires that men wear tuxedos and women don either cocktail gowns or lingerie, and masks (though, not typical of the N95 respirator multitude) are to be worn for arrival.

Evaluating the germ-transmission probability, one veteran of the club informed reporters, “People walk around on all fours and are uninhibited about swapping fluids of all sorts. There are sex toys like crops to whip people and fetish masks and harnesses.” They furthered that contraceptives are “a light suggestion.” “Apparently there are bowls of them all around, but I never really noticed them,” they expressed, closing, “So gross. Fluids everywhere.”


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