Swingers Club Moves To The Suburbs And Decides To Become A Church

Swingers Club
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Apparently, some people believe orgies can be soul-saving.

The Social Club in Nashville Tennessee has been holding parties for consenting adults to ‘mingle’ since 1980. With a motto of, “Remember, we are all strangers until we meet!”, the club allowed members to fulfill sexual fantasies of all kinds with private rooms, play areas and dungeon.

The club decided to move out of downtown and into the suburbs, but it seems the ‘burbs aren’t down with their swinging ways. The club purchased a building next to a Christian school and the neighborhood immediately began protesting, citing zoning laws. To get around these zoning laws, The Social Club rebranded themselves into a church that allows their members to practice their faith.

The club’s lawyer says the constitution is on their side, even though the city says it is all a sham.

“They can sue us and say they want an injunction to stop us from operating, and we can say we have some tenets of the church sort of like the Ten Commandments,” Roberts said. “Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not cheat. Do not commit any act that will be harmful to others. Do not commit adultery without the knowledge and consent of your spouse. That one’s a little bit different.”

The debacle began after the club bought a building that was perfect for the concept. The only problem was the location. Located between a Christian school and churches, the move sparked a huge controversy.

Swingers Club
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Roberts says the protest is a form of discrimination.

“It’s the biggest bunch of bigots that I would into run into except maybe at a Klu Klux Klan meeting. When my clients first began considering this, I said, ‘With this location, you’re going to create a firestorm of controversy.’”

With more than 400 parents showing up to hearings about the club, the neighborhood is pretty upset with the newcomers. They believe it would go against the children’s safety.

“Madison is a really good, solid, suburban community in Nashville, very family-based,” said Karen Bennett, neighborhood representative. ”Most people feel like this would be a black eye to have this adult club. It’s not what they want for their community.”

“[The swingers] seem to think that they would be quiet neighbors, and I don’t think that’s really the case,” she said. “Kids ask questions and they want to know what is going on.”

Swingers Club
[Photo credit: Metro Nashville and Davidson County Codes Administration]
Swingers Club
[Photo credit: Metro Nashville and Davidson County Codes Administration]

The club is sticking to their guns though and it seems even negative publicity is good publicity.

“The parties have been huge since all this has happened,” he said. “It’s been outstanding, standing-room only.”

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