Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizers Become Arcade Game Prizes Due to Covid-19

toilet paper

An arcade owner has chosen to swap the typical stuffed animals as claw machine prizes for more valuable and timely items: hand sanitizers and toilet paper.

Rob Braddick put up the sought-after sanitary products as treasures that can be won in Ho! Barts Amusement Arcade, which he operates in England. The 48-year-old proprietor’s shenanigans came as the UK deals with fright-purchasing citizens amid the fresh coronavirus pandemic. Hand sanitizers and toilet paper, in particular, are being unloaded in supermarket shelves across the world, reports say. Toilet bidet, on the other hand, eliminates the need for toilet papers. Who knows, this might be the next big thing during this pandemic.

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“We took the teddy bears out and put hand sanitizers in one and toilet rolls in another, just for a bit of fun and to raise a smile, ” Braddick was quoted as speaking. He said he discovered the inventory of hand sanitizers at his home inside a cupboard while he procured the toilet paper rolls at the local market, as per various news outlets on the same day. The British government in February proclaimed the COVID-19 epidemic as a “serious and imminent threat to public health.”

The World Health Organization meantime has tagged the infection as a pandemic, prodding other countries to be more assertive in combating the virus and its spread. Cases of crisis buying are too being reported around the globe, including countries such as South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia, among others. In Japan, the government declared that it will be penalizing those who resell face masks for revenue amid the dearth of sanitary items.


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