One-Armed Veteran Turned Game Streamer Plays ‘Battlefield’ Like A Pro

Photo by Facebook/Tony Vaitkevich

Streaming video games is already a hard job, especially if its a competitive one like “Battlefield 1.” Gamers who stream their “Battlefield 1” sessions usually have to be good at multitasking to keep their audience entertained. However, one streamer does the job rather admirably with flying colors.

Photo by Quickmeme

Meet Twitch streamer Tony Vaitkevich a.k.a. ToeYouUp, he has recently gained a reputation on the streaming website because he is a Marine Corps veteran. Apart from the fact that he traded one battlefield for another, he is also an amputee and only has one arm. Now, anyone who plays video games knows that you need both arms at all times in order to compete, but Tony exceeded expectations.

ToeYouUp actually uses his left leg and toes as a replacement for his left arm and hand when playing “Battlefield 1.” And if you think he is having a difficult time doing it, then think again! Tony plays like a pro, here is one of his most awesome and impressive killstreaks in-game, check it out:

As you can see, he killed six players in quick succession, something even a two-armed player of “Battlefield 1” will find difficult to pull off. ToeYouUp did it without much effort. What makes him more amazing is the fact that he just began his whole Twitch career and is already gaining recognition.

ToeYouUp lost his arm when he was 24-years-old not in the line of duty, but to a motorcycle accident. Since then he has adapted to his new life and overcame the challenges of streaming video games. He plays mainly first-person shooter (FPS) games. So if you are ever in “Battlefield 1” on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), watch out for one SGT-Vaitkevich, that is his in-game name, and it just might be the last thing you see during gameplay.

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