Cancer Patient Receives Mysterious But Heartwarming Message From Outer Space

Photo by YouTube/PeeWeeToms

Receiving messages from faraway places can be rather impressive things to witness, especially if you are the recipient. But no matter how distant was your message sender, know that you can never beat the joy of one YouTuber and cancer patient who received a message from space.

Photo by PeeWeeToms

Dan, a.k.a. PeeWeeToms from YouTube got quite a head-scratcher and intense happiness after receiving a message from the International Space Station (ISS). That is technically outer space, but still, it was something Dan did not expect. Watch the message he received below:

As you can see, the message clearly took Dan’s breath away, something cancer has been trying to do to him for years, literally. Anyway, the message was relayed by Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. Oleg and those aboard the ISS recognized Dan’s effort in battling his cancer, which is a sarcomatoid carcinoma that he has had since 2015.

Photo by Laughing Squid

Sarcomatoid carcinoma is a type of cancer that looks like a mixture of carcinoma (cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover internal organs in the body) and sarcoma (cancer of the bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or other connective or supportive tissue). Dan has had numerous surgeries and treatments over the years in order to combat the disease.

The message was rather effective and Dan certainly had a renewed hope, space messages, after all, are awesome, regardless of what they say. Hopefully, Dan manages to fully defeat his cancer and be there to welcome the ISS crew when they come back to Earth. Also, ISS=1, cancer=0, bring it on.

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