Alleged Pedophile Republican Politician Walks Out On Satire Interview

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It may be not surprising anymore that some politicians are up to no good. Their bad qualities can range from the laughably common corruption allegations to the more extreme cases of being a pedophile and the likes. Well, one very popular man seeks to shake this hornet’s nest using a very polarizing form of satire.

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Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen is upping the ante this time. You may know him as the provincially-backward Borat from one of his mockumentary films, he has also starred in a lot of Hollywood musical movies and as a villain in a lot of AAA Hollywood films. However this time, Cohen turns his gaze towards Republican Party politician Roy Moore for his own form of political satire titled “Who is America.” A comedy that preys on its own political subjects. Take a look at his latest satirical interview below, featuring Moore:

If there ever was something so delicate and funny at the same time, it would be Cohen’s show. It appears that Moore is also unaware what Cohen is playing at, similar to what happened to Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer in the previous episode.

However, Cohen’s antics are not entirely for making people laugh. It can be recalled that Moore has several cases of sexual misconduct in which he was the supposed perpetrator, something he denied in the interview above. Some of these cases even involved minors, which if Moore is proven guilty, effectively could make him a pedophile.

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Cohen– er, sorry, Erran Morad, did skip the due process and went ahead to test his “malfunctioning” pedophile detector. One could wonder, was it really not working properly though?

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