It Turns Out PETA Isn’t a Fan of the Vegan Burger “That Bleeds”

So, it Turns Out PETA Isn't a Fan of the Vegan Burger "That Bleeds"
Source: Impossible Foods

We thought we’d finally solved the problem of the whole “meat eaters VS vegans” debate. After all, the Impossible Burger seems like the perfect solution – a burger that looks, tastes, and even behaves like meat, but is made entirely from plants. A way for meat-lovers to eat their favourite foods without hurting animals or the environment in the process. But according to PETA, the vegan burger “that bleeds” isn’t as animal-friendly as it first appears.

The Impossible Burger’s key ingredient, soy lehemoglobin, which is basically the roots of soy plants, has just been FDA approved. The additive is what gives the burgers their meaty flavour, as they are similar to the proteins found in blood. This news means the burgers will soon be available across the country for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. Still, they may have second thoughts when they discover why PETA refuses to give the delicacy its backing.

Impossible Foods, the masterminds behind the burger, have admitted to testing soy lehemogolbin on 188 lab rats in three seperate tests. Basically, the Impossible Burger was tested on animals, despite the company not being required by law to do so.

So, it Turns Out PETA Isn't a Fan of the Vegan Burger "That Bleeds"
Source: Impossible Foods

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA’s Director of International Programmes, said: “While we were delighted when the vegan Impossible Burger was introduced, we are deeply disappointed that company executives chose to harm animals, particularly as there was no legal requirement for them to do so.

“Force-feeding tests are pointless, as well as cruel, since the results tell us only how a substance affects rats, not humans.

“Many other wonderful vegan companies and products, such as Beyond Meat, Tofurky and others, have been developed and brought to market without harming animals. Our support of those companies remains unwavering.”

What can we take away from this? That like with beauty products, just because something is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s all-natural or animal-friendly. So do your research! (Especially since your food might also contain some of these gross ingredients).

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