Obvious Plant Pranks LA Zoo with Fake Animal Facts


Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant strikes again, and this time, not even zoos are safe.

Summer is a great time to bond with your kids, and here’s bound to be some activities you can both enjoy together. Watch a movie! Learn a new hobby! Or, of course, take them to the zoo where they can catch up on all the elephants and and other wildlife.

Chances are, your child will probably be asking you a lot of questions about this or that animal. Good thing the helpful animal facts are out there, you think. Sure, they’re super helpful… or are they?

If you find you and your kids headed for the LA Zoo, you might want to brush up on your own animal facts, because the infographics there? Let’s just say they’ve got their own thing going on.

Aaaw, isnt that cute? Not terribly helpful, yeah, but definitely cute.


Those are either some really smart koalas, or some History teachers just got some conniptions over this.


What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Trust me on this.


If they start evolving into a sinister version of the Monopoly Man, run for the hills!


That telemarketer who always calls at dinner time? Meerkat. Do not trust them. Ever.


… I think I’ll pass on the tomato soup, thanks.


And if that screamer looks over your shoulder, stay very still. Don’t even turn around. Trust the bird; if it’s seen something that freaks it out so much it can’t scream, you wouldn’t want to see it.




Now, while this list of animal facts aren’t really facts, here’s a handy, printer-friendly fact sheet for you. Now go have fun with the kids; summers like this don’t come around so often.

Feature image courtesy of Mike McBride
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