The ‘Kitten Lady’ Has Stolen Instagram’s Heart

kitten lady

It all started when Hannah Shaw came across an orphaned kitten. At only 4 weeks old, the kitten was far too young to survive on its own and Shaw couldn’t bring herself to take it to the pound. So, she brought the cat home and started researching on how to care for the unweaned cat. She was shocked to find that there wasn’t very many resources for raising the kitten.

As a vegan and longtime animal lover, Shaw knew what she had to do. Flash forward to now, she has amassed more than 100,000 followers and is now known as the “kitten lady.” Everyday, Shaw works with finding homes for unwanted kittens and helping educate people on how to take care of them. The 29-year-old prides herself on being the go-to source for tips and videos on how to care for neonatal kittens.

Of course, Shaw is now the owner of many kittens. In fact, The Washingtonian reports that the Kitten Lady is surrounded by little felines.

“At Kitten Lady headquarters, her house in Mount Rainier, she’s flanked by Coco—the former orphan that started it all—along with her one-eyed cat, Eloise, and three kittens she’s raising until they’re old enough to be adopted.”

Of course, it is easy to get sucked in by all of the cuteness on Shaw’s Instagram page. Shot after shot of adorable little furballs is enough to tug at anyone’s heart strings. Plus, the Internet does run on pictures of cats.

Shaw says she has decided to devote her life to saving these kittens because too often unwanted kittens are considered a burden.

“Our cultural definition of euthanasia is that it’s to end hopeless suffering,” says Shaw. “My response is that these kittens are not hopeless.”

As taking care of these kittens takes up most of her spare time, Shaw says she wouldn’t change a thing.

“A few minutes every few hours can save a life.”

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