Kittens Recreate Scenes from “Psycho” and “The Lion King” [Video]

The internet: a vast web of information and an archive of human progress. It’s a system which allows ideas and knowledge to be shared across the globe in the blink of an eye, a revolutionary technology that has changed the face of education and communication forever. It’s also the home of cat related media. A lot of cat related media. This week, the internet was treated to two shot-for-shot recreations of iconic movie scenes utilizing kittens as actors.

The first is a take on Disney’s “The Lion King”. If there’s anything that sums up what the internet is really used for, it’s this:

The second is a recreation of the infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film “Psycho”:

The adorable videos were created by YouTuber Pasdidée, and they’re quickly going viral.I'm in ur Wikipedia Lolcat

So, just why is the internet so obsessed with felines? Perhaps it boils down to what defines a “cat person”. There’s no reason one can’t love cats and dogs equally, but generally speaking, dogs are more predictable. You come home and they greet you with kisses and a wagging tail, you say the word “walk” or “treat” or “play” and they react the same way almost every time. Cats, on the other hand, can be a bit unpredictable, aloof, and mysterious. And perhaps it is because us cat people try really hard not to fit the “crazy cat person” stereotype, we take to the internet to talk about the weird things our cats do, rather than bring it up in face-to-face conversation (and believe me, sometimes our cats are all we want to talk about).

Ben Huh, owner of the ‘Lolcat’ website I Can Has Cheezburger, theorized in 2012 that because cat owners have fewer outlets for discussing their pets in the real world (when was the last time you strapped one of your feline friends to a leash and took them to the ‘cat park’?), they take to social media to talk about their beloved cats and the funny things they do. Over time, this community of cat lovers has produced the plethora of funny cat related content and memes found online.

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