Obama And JLo Are Married And So Happy In Caribbean Real Estate Ad [Photo]

Obama JLo reddit

President Barack Obama and Jennifer Lopez are seriously the cutest couple. Not only that, they look to be caring and tender parents to their two beautiful possibly adopted daughters.

But seriously, that’s apparently what the Dominican Republic thinks according to a real estate ad from the Caribbean country posted to reddit by user Mholafico.

Obama JLo photoshop

Now, I’ve heard some strange tales of international misunderstandings in my nearly 30 years shuffling this mortal coil.

I had a roommate in college who spent a semester abroad in Africa and told me that some people there think Independence Day is a documentary and asked how we’re recovering after the invasion. I had a “Justice Heroes” set of superhero miniatures from Indonesia which included Batman, Spiderman, Goku from Dragon Ball Z and a Power Ranger.

But I’ve never seen the world’s most recognizable leader and one of the world’s most recognizable pop stars Photoshopped together in holy matrimony playing with their white kids in front of a “de primera” duplex and a gas-guzzling Ford F150 truck. There goes your green cred, Big-O.

I’m also a little disappointed that whoever copypasta’d this together didn’t use Beyonce instead of JLo. How much more topical would that have been, am I right?

In any case, we’re very hurt that we missed the reports of a secret life with JLo and white ginger children in the Dominican wedding, but since Obama and JLo look so happy together, we feel a big swell of forgiveness coming on.

Seriously though, all this pic needs is Michelle, Sasha and Malia standing together giving stink eye in the distant background. Photoshop it!

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