Nurses Promote Compassion Online

In the past, there wasn’t a record of the day-to-day activities of nurses. Heroic healthcare workers lent their abilities to help people in need, but without the Internet there was nowhere for a nurse to share her good deeds. With the invention of the Internet came blogging and vlogging (video blogging), and nurses have taken advantage of the opportunities the Internet has created in order to spread their stories and expand their influence.

Nurses Fight for More Nurses in Philly Schools

On her blog, Diane Ravitch highlights the story of a 12-year-old Philadelphia Public School student who died after an asthma attack at school. There was no nurse at school that day because school nursing has declined 40 percent in Philly. The incident took place in 2013, and by 2014 the situation had not improved. A 7-year-old student died after collapsing at school, and there was no school nurse available to help.

Ravitch’s blog urges the state to supply much-needed funding in order to staff a school nurse every single day; a perfect example of how the Internet is allowing healthcare workers a platform to speak their minds.

Nurses Share what they know about Salaries and More

In a blog post titled, “Living and Working as a Nurse in Philadelphia,” it is reported that Philadelphia is “home to some of the best hospitals in the country,” and that staff RNs can expect to average about $69,000 per year. These sorts of blog posts give potential hires (and people considering becoming a nurse) ideas about where they should look for work.

The blog post reports that all of Philly’s hospitals offer high-ranking specialty jobs, which often pay a higher salary. In order to apply for one of these jobs, it may be necessary to attend graduate RN programs in Philadelphia.

When Nurses Go Viral

Some nurses have leveraged the power of sass and wit to become famous. Adventures of Hood Nurse is a popular and quirky blog that got famous after her vivacious posts attracted readers from healthcare and beyond. All it took was detailing her day-to-day activities at “Hood Hospital,” a fictional name she created for a place she actually works (the identity of which is secret).

Unfortunately, not all viral information is uplifting. Recent reports of a Philadelphia nurse being abducted have resulted in a lot of online attention, news posts, blog posts, and more. Despite the sad nature of these posts, it’s good her information went viral because she was rescued in Maryland.

Respecting Boundaries when Posting Online

Nurses need to be careful when sharing their stories online. It’s essential that nurses respect the rights of their patients by keeping their identities secret. Post the wrong thing online, and you could end up like the UNM Sandoval Regional nurse who lost her job after posting: “Soooooo sleepy here in the ICU. Will someone please code and give me something exciting to do? #isthatbad?”

Nurses Can Spread Optimism with Their Posts

Reports of heroic healthcare workers can help people about themselves and about other people. Keep posts positive, and they shouldn’t affect your career (except in positive ways). Moreover, you’ll build a following of loyal, compassionate fans.

Everyone needs inspirational figures to look up to and who better than a nurse? When vlogs and blogs are released to the public, and they feature heroic healthcare workers, people feel uplifted. This is a very good thing, so keep sharing those experiences.



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