Better Hit The Bathroom! No-Spanking Zones Established In One Suburb

We don’t necessarily condone beating kids, however there are times and situations where a stern discipline is called for.

Providing your in-public temper-tantrum throwing child necessitates a fair spanking, if you live in one Detroit suburb, you might however want to ‘correct’ your child now somewhere out of sight.

Rugrats may soon catch a break in one suburb of Detroit; Photo: Twitter

Madison Heights has declared ‘no-spanking zones’ in key public spaces: including the public library, city hall, police station recreation center and police station (as if someone would whoop their child’s tail in the midst of badges and guns, but..).

The suburb passed a resolution to deter corporal punishment by establishing a “Hit Free Zone” in at least 10 public areas, with signs that state exactly that. The first sign was mounted Thursday, in Civic Center Park near to Lamphere High School.

“I think it’s great,” and the cost to the city will be modest, although a dollar figure isn’t yet available,” stressed councilman David Soltis, after witnessing the sign go up.

Madison Heights City Council just passed a resolution forming “No-Spanking” zones on city property, to discourage spanking, bullying and child abuse; Photo: FreeP

“It’s really a non-violence resolution, against violence on any level,” Soltis furthered.

The motion delineates a “Hit Free Zone” as one where “no adult shall hit another adult, no adult shall hit a child, no child shall hit an adult, and no child shall hit another child.”

“Obviously, not every kid who gets spanked turns into a juvenile delinquent, but the research shows that more of the children who turn out badly were punished that way,” Soltis expressed, closing: “It’s time to raise children differently.”


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