Georgia Mother Beats Daughter On Facebook Live To ‘Embarrass Her’

beats daughter on Facebook Live

One Georgia mother has made headlines after she broadcasted footage of her beating her teenage daughter on Facebook Live. Shanavia Miller claims it all started after her 16-year-old daughter posted a picture on Facebook of herself, wearing only a towel, with her boyfriend. Miller said she decided to punish her daughter by publicly embarrassing her. On Sunday, Miller posted the Facebook Live video and explained she was taking over the teen’s Facebook page. The video, which is still available on Facebook, has more than 10,000 views and many were appalled by the footage.

Despite the negative attention, local Georgia authorities say they have not been notified about the incident. Local media reported that child protective services have not returned any calls regarding the incident either.

Warning: The following video contains expletives and violence.

In the video, Miller is seen beating her daughter with a piece of wood. Then she follows her as she tries to get away, hitting her with her hands. All the while, calling her names and insulting her.

Miller has since posted an explanation on her daughter’s Facebook page.

Soon after this post, a post claiming to be written by her daughter was posted. However, many believe that this was Miller pretending to be her daughter. It admits that the daughter did go to a hospital, but only because of a minor headache.

As the discussion continues on the Facebook post, many are speculating several things from the teen suffering major injuries to a possible suicide attempt.

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