Nick Offerman Makes Wooden Emojis For Conan [Video]

Nick Offerman is best known for playing Ron Swanson from the show Parks And Recreations but the actor is also an accomplished wood worker. He has his own shop in Chicago and he’s apparently been spending his time lately making wooden emojis.

Offerman stopped by Conan last night to show off some of his latest creations.

Offerman says in the sketch: “Hi. I’m Nick Offerman. You probably know me from Parks And Recreation and your spouse probably knows me from their sexual fantasies. I think it’s time we got back to a more old-fashion, more personal, more American form of communications. That’s why I’m proud to introduce my new line of handcrafted, solid wood emojis.”

Check out the video below.

We doubt that Offerman actually made any of these wooden emojis but we don’t doubt that he has the talent to do so. The comedian sells hand-turned baseball bats, bird houses, chairs, desks, and mustache combs from the Offerman Wood Shop. His wood working portfolio is even more impressive and includes handmade canoes and gazebos.

Offerman has been on a viral video roll lately. Back in August, Offerman shared his shower thoughts and last week he starred in a fake Home Depot commercial where he played an employee / relationship guru.

Kokou Adzo

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