Nick Offerman Stars In Hilarious Home Depot Commercial With Sarah Baker and H. Jon Benjamin [Video]

Nick Offerman Home Depot

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host shed some light on the weird and terrible decision made by Lowe’s to implement store robots.

You read that correctly, robotic shopping assistants is a new moment from the hardware store Lowe’s. Oliver took things a bit further (in the best way) and recruited Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman to star in a commercial for Home Depot that takes an interesting and hilarious turn.

“Sales associates at home-improvement stores are not there to help people buy things, they’re there to stop couples from tearing each other apart,” Oliver explains.

With the help of Sarah Baker and H. Jon Benjamin, Offerman shows how real people can help find you things for you home, but also with marital problems.

Half a million views in two days? You know this commercial is amazing. Offerman enthusiasts, unite!

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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