#MySiblingIsWierd Celebrates The Wacky Love of Family



Ah, family. Where would we be without them? Whether they make us laugh, make us cry, or drive us up the wall with their unique brand of crazy, family is family. (and yes, we’re looking at you, siblings.)

Living with siblings can be a frolic, it can be an adventure, and it can be that crazy downhill vault into a rocky canyon of filial insanity.Whatever happens, siblings will be siblings.

That’s what the hashtag #MySiblingIsWierd is all about. After a few of these tweets, you’ll feel (1) wierd siblings are actually the norm, and (2) you’re not so alone after all.

There are siblings with an unsettling affinity for garden animals.

And some with a flair for the freaky.

Some siblings answer the call for freedom of expression and artistry. However, other members of the family are probably not as approving of their endeavors.

Luckily, their long-suffering siblings just love them too much.

Any stand-ins will do. Anything.

Even great heroes of the galaxy do have their fair share of… uh, awkward brotherly moments.

And then… uh, we’re not sure about how we’d feel about this, but okay, bro.

She’s beauty, she’s grace.

Ah, yes, the things they do to us for their own entertainment.

No one ever comes between your sib and their one true love. No one. (and you swear you’ll fight for their right to have that standee, even if it’s the last thing you do.)


Feature image courtesy of Pexels.com
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