Girlfriend Tweets Her Boyfriend Sleeptalking


Sleeptalking has got to be one of the most interesting things to happen to anyone — as long as you’re not the one doing the talking, I suppose. Whether it’s your mom, dad, your partner, spouse — heck, even your pet, we’ve all got something interesting to say in our sleep. Sleeptalking provides  window to our strange and offbeat subconscious, as this girlfriend found out for herself.

A lady from Wichita, Kansas created a Twitter account to chronicle her boyfriend’s somniloquism. It’s nothing short of entertaining.

Sometimes the sleeptalking one-sided convo turns to animals.

Or he really just needs some heroes in a half-shell.

Whatever did that poor cephalopod do to you?!

And he probably dreamt he was on the set of “ER”.

… I’m pretty sure a chainsaw isn’t a standard-issue medical-grade surgery instrument.

… Proceed.

Oh, so it’s an amputation now? Bone saw, then.

And now you want it back on?! Make up your mind, Doctor!

Because it’d be pretty wierd if they smelled like a cheese sandwich.

Clearly, even sleeptalking can be hungry work.

Hey, no need to get judgmental.

This guy seems to have quite the fixation on apples in his sleep.

And gets real territorial about it.


Images courtesy of Pixabay
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