Have a Good Laugh With These Tweets


Oh, you lovely, lovely, hilarious tweets. You never fail to make us laugh and give us just a bit more sunshine to get through even the toughest of days. (Well, yeah, we may feel compelled to veg out in front of the computer and block out everything else, but gives the time of day in about fifteen minutes or so, and we’ll live.)

Are the weekday blues getting you down? Have this post of hilarious tweets on us. We hope it’ll help you crack a smile.


Oof. Ergh. Agh. Yeah, nope, nope, nope.

*pats person on back* Yeah. Same.

Because there’s nothing says “I love you” like a raven in a dead tree in the rain.

When my cubicle starts smelling funny… you’ll know, you know?

Meanwhile, over at the electoral campaigns…

You know, I’ve always found that saying to be really confusing.

Cosmo sex tip:

Because love needs testing.



Images courtesy of Gratisography
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