Mugger Robs Woman At ATM, Returns Money After Seeing Her $0 Account Balance

Photo by YouTube/Blagag!

Imagine being so broke that even the scum of society will take pity on you. That truly is a demoralizing yet heartwarming rock bottom situation. Sadly, it does happen in real life, and it happened again in China to a woman who was robbed in an ATM. The thief was even kind enough to be selective with her once he found out about her bank account balance.


This does go to show that some criminals are just the same human beings as we are, just with more severe needs. The said “failed” robbery happened in Heyuan, Guangdong province, China. A woman surnamed Li was withdrawing her money in an ICBC bank ATM when she suddenly got held up by a thief:

Photo by YouTube/Blagag!

The thief demanded the money Li withdrew, which amounted to 2,500 yuan ($372). Fearing for her life, Li handed over her money, but that was not enough– the thief wanted more from her account so he demanded to see her account balance. Li obliged, and to the criminal’s dismay, Li had $0 remaining in her account balance.

Photo by NextShark

Instead of just running away with the money, the mugger actually took pity on Li and decided to give her money back, all $372 of it. He then walked away with a smile as he left, all this was caught on the ATM’s security camera:

Still, despite the small spark of compassion from the said mugger, this did not spare him from retribution. He was soon caught by the police after the incident and was arrested and brought to jail for this crime. If only politicians were as honorable as this thief…

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