Walmart To Keep Disabled Greeters After Ferocious Backlash

disabled greeters

After enduring a nationwide backfire against their new policies, Walmart declared it will make “every effort” to furnish new jobs to their mentally-challenged greeters.

via Disabled Voter; Adam Catlin and Holly talking to the news

Back in April, Walmart officially got rid of their “greeter” position. The chain announced this year stores nationwide would be substituting nearly 1,000 front door greeters with “hosts”, though the alteration of title consisted of new physical requirements that most greeters could not pass.

30 year-old Adam Catlin from the Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania Walmart Supercenter, who has limited dexterity in his hands and is legally blind, was one of numerous greeters with disabilities cautioned that if he could not transition into the new position (at his store), he would be terminated.

Holly, Catlin’s mother, posted online that he was being “thrown to the curb from his job that he truly loves and does [wholeheartedly].” However this month, after facing nationwide scrutiny against the new rules, Walmart quickly changed up their latest tune.

Craig Johnson, retail consultant called the retailer’s original stance “a major-league botch” that justifiably stirred up ire. In a letter to store managers, Greg Foran, the CEO of Walmart’s U.S. stores, stated that a number of greeters had already been offered new positions at their stores.

Foran pens Walmart is “taking specific steps to support” their disabled greeters. One of those steps is prolonging the 60-day period Walmart employees are typically given to secure new jobs within the company.

Catlin and a few other disabled greeters with cerebral palsy have took on new roles in the self-checkout department. Walmart’s new “hosts” are slated to greet customers, but too prevent shoplifting, assist with returns, and do other chores to help maintain store cleanness.


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