Man Breaks Into Milk Tea Shop At 3 A.M. To Make Himself Some Drinks

Photo by Madison Meyer/T4 Boba

Other than avocado toast or acai bowls, millennials also would not miss a chance to get their periodic fix of milk tea. Oh yes, it’s healthy, it’s colorful, and it’s hip, the perfect trio for young people. Needless to say, they love milk tea. One man from the US even broke into a milk tea shop just to make himself some of that sweet pearly concoction.


A bubble or boba milk tea shop in Sacramento, California was quite popular, like all milk tea and their establishments. It’s called T4 Boba, and you might have heard of it already if you are young and cool, it’s all the rage. Hence, one man couldn’t help himself and wanted that Boba drink so bad. The problem is, it was 3 a.m. in the morning– but that did not stop him.


The thief actually broke into the said T4 Boba branch in Sacramento. Surveillance footage also showed that he was looking to fix himself some milk tea and even rummaged through the worker’s station just to get what he wanted. However, there was another problem for him, T4 Boba only serves fresh milk tea, so they don’t make overnight stockpiles.


“This guy couldn’t wait for his boba fix and decided to come in at 3 a.m. to make himself a Boba tea. Unfortunately for him, we brew our tea fresh every day and don’t keep anything overnight. Out of frustration, he decided to take our empty cash register,” claimed the T4 crew in a humorous “wanted” poster they placed outside the shop:

Currently, the milk tea thief remains at large and without his Boba tea. The shop has also promised to give him the milk tea he deserves and needs– with love, once he has returned the cash register.

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