Mom Says Babies Should ‘Give Consent’ Before You Change Their Diapers

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It takes a village to raise a child and at the same time, they are cute and cuddly creatures. No matter how difficult they can be, parents will have to be patient with them, moms even more so especially with the feeding. They need the best in care. Still, one mother might have thought a little too much into that as she actually wants her babies to give consent before changing their diapers.


Lottie Daley is the mom in question. She recently had a baby and as usual, is trying her best to be a good mother. Of course, when babies are concerned, they usually come with an icky package of at least 4 years supply of dirty diapers. Changing them was mandatory, however, Daley firmly believes that mothers should always wait for their babies to give consent before the diaper change.


“When you start learning about body autonomy and consent for our children when they become a bit older, we should be modeling this behavior from birth, like letting your baby know you are changing its nappy,” Daley said. She did reiterate that it does not have to be verbal when babies give consent but at least watching body language would do.


Daley also has two other children aged seven and five and she claims that she always waits for them to give consent before she washes their bottoms or tickles them. In her defense, she stated that we “need to rethink the wider issue of consent, it’s not just applicable to teenagers, it’s applicable from birth. I think we should start to ask those questions and when you look at the wider context, we need to.”

What do you think of Daley’s opinion on baby autonomy? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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