Miraculous Modded Car Door Plays Africa by Toto When Opened


The song Africa by Toto is a soothing, magical, majestic treat for the ears. From the super ’80’s’ sounding synth riff to the echoing, anthemic chorus, it is a song most of the world can recognize on melody alone.

For further proof Africa by Toto is a song that transcends time and space, here is the original, literally transcending time and space as I write this:

And here is but one small example of the true cultural impact Africa by Toto has made upon the world as a whole:


Now I want you to TRULY witness why this car door playing Africa by Toto is a thing of sublime beauty:

Gone is the incessant beeping of an open car door, replaced by Toto’s soothing, bongo-heavy hit single, Africa. If you get into any vehicle in your lifetime and Africa by Toto is playing, you know you are about to have a damn good ride. At that point, the destination doesn’t even matter.

To the person who did this, can you please do my car next? I will pay you in biscuits and hugs, which is pretty much all I have. And then we can BOTH bless the rains down in Africa! That will be TWICE as intense!

And you, to me, are a true national hero.

*Salutes door on one knee just to confuse people


Remy Carreiro


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