He’s Loco: Tijuana Laughing in Trump’s Face at Border Wall Prototypes

Wow, so Trump is really sticking with this “build a giant wall to keep people out even though we are supposed to be the land of opportunity” shtick (even though he comes from a line of literal immigrants, by the way)? Crazy, that whole thing seemed like a bad dream from a year ago, but here we are, with Trump ready to see prototypes of said wall, starting with plans to place one in Tijuana.

Residents have reacted justly:

Several locals called Trump “loco” for thinking that spending billions of dollars on barriers would stop people determined to escape poverty and violence in Mexico and Central America. Trump made his first visit to California as president on Tuesday. His stop in San Diego to visit the prototypes was greeted by demonstrators on both sides of the border.

Also, can we talk about how insane it is to need a prototype wall for a wall? A wall is LITERALLY a wall. That fact that this man has to make prototype walls to spread his hate just shows you the level of intellect the mental midget is working with.

Maybe we should build a giant wall around his mouth and hands so he can no longer speak and no longer tweet. Man, that wall would DEFINITELY need a prototype because it would be a one-of-a-kind.

A presidential muzzle with metal locking gloves. I better go tweet this idea to Elon Musk, he could make it happen I bet.


Remy Carreiro


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