Blasting Off to Join the “Space Force”

Yesterday, Trump proudly announced that he wanted to form a “Space Force,” presumably to defend the galaxy from an incoming extra-terrestrial threat. I personally welcome the imminent arrival of orbital defense platforms, faster-than-light space travel and Star Trek replicators. I know that I’ll be signing up for the super-rad Space Force as soon as I get the chance.

Of course, there must be some truth to this statement, right? Welp, turns out Trump has a major problem with the word “Corps.” He can’t remember that it’s not the “Marine Core” even when congratulating them on being good-ol’ Jezzus-lovin’ True Americans. And apparently the “Space Corps” could actually be a real thing. Turns out Congress wants to fiddle with the military hierarchy to make arranging operations in the Pentagon more complex.

The Air Force is in charge of handling current space operations related to national defense. They exist! We do them! They are not death lasers pointing straight at Evil Jupiter, we promise! Congress floated a potential plan to create the Space Corps, chopping off part of the Air Force and creating the Space Corps from its wing of the Pentagon. The proposed Space Corps would have its own Chief of Staff sitting on the Joint Chiefs. The Air Force was not super thrilled about this. Leaders called it unnecessary meddling on the part of Congress, and a waste of time and money besides.

“This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organization chart, and cost more money,” said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson. “I don’t need another chief of staff and another six deputy chiefs of staff.”

I guess it would probably be a bad idea. After all, experts in the field say it was a bad idea. But since when has this government listened to expert opinions! Well, whenever it comes around, I’m sure we’ll get plenty of excited Ender’s Game volunteers for the Space Corps. Sorry, I mean “Space Force.”



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