Meet The Cat That Trolled The Internet

[Photo credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur]

The images of an injured cat went viral after being posted by Reddit user, Honeyflowers. The concerned person spotted a cat, lying on the concrete with its blood splattered around.

[Photo credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur]

But things were not like it seemed…

“Saw this cat bleeding out, ran to its rescue. It was just dried red paint. Smug bastard,” explains Honeyflowers.

After rushing to save the bleeding cat, Honeyflowers discovered the cat wasn’t hurt at all. As Honeyflowers got to the cat, it stood up and walked away as if nothing had happened. Of course, not before she could snap some photos.

[Photo credit: Honeyflowers/Imgur]

Her story has since gone viral. Most recently on Reddit’s Animals Are Jerks subreddit.

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