[VIDEO] Racist McDonald’s Customer Also Attacks ‘Soy Boys’ & ‘Feminists’ In Hate Speech

Photo by Twitter/@AlexParvenu

People who are afraid often resort to their scapegoats or something else to blame for society’s problems. Sometimes, they also choose to be ignorant, so much as to attack groups of people they simply hate for existing. One perfect example is a McDonald’s customer who somehow got triggered to make an elaborate hate speech while waiting for his junk food.


Such are the times we live in huh? Junk food now triggers rage. Perhaps, he was hangry and did not want to have to wait in line for McDonald’s. Hence, he started blaming immigrants, feminists, and “soy boys,” for his fast food predicaments. The incident took place in London and was caught on video thanks to musician Alex Parvenu:

In case you have a hard time making it out, the McDonald’s customer can be heard complaining that the said fast food branch is “run by bloody immigrants” and even went as far as to claim that “white men built civilization,” seemingly contradicting himself. So the crowd disliked him, naturally.


Due to that, he started directing his rants against them too, calling them “weak feminists” and “soy boys” before saying, “No wonder the world is f****d. It’s full of feminists and immigrants. That’s why my country is f****d. That’s why England is f****d. It’s full of feminists and immigrants.”


“The world was created by white men and you don’t like it, do you? You don’t like that civilization was created by white men and it bothers you because you can’t do what we do. White men created the world for you. We made it possible for you people to benefit from the world… We white men built the world for you,” the McDonald’s customer said before leaving.


Meanwhile, McDonald’s was quick to back its staff who were working at that time. Additionally, the police are now working to identify the said McDonald’s customer. Regardless, McDonald’s really does seem to bring out the worst in “white men who created the world,” always make sure to feed them with their staple diet of junk food, lest they rant in far-right.

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