Massive Cougar Wants To Eat Person Hunting It (and Almost Does)

I am not gonna lie to you. Unless you are hunting something with the intent of utilizing ALL of the creature (I.e. fur and skin for pelts, meat for sustenance) I think you are just a sociopath who wants to be able to kill something and not get in trouble for it. For that reason alone, this video of a huge cougar pretty much walking right up to the man about to murder her with a bow and arrow and letting that mofo know he is NOT at the top of the food chain in that moment is amazing to me.

If you listen close enough, you can even hear the hunter crap his pants:

Now if this person has any sense of rational or survival instinct, they will take this as a message from fate itself that the next time, the cougar will NOT walk away and he will become the hunted (and eaten). This cat is clearly an alpha and letting you know it is not one to be trifled with.

Honestly, am I the only sad the cougar DIDN’T eat the hunter? If so, I am totally okay with it.




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