A Self-Driving Car Has Finally Killed Someone (Like We Knew It Would)


Well, the inevitable happened and here’s hoping it wakes this world up to the fact that self-driving cars are a terrible, terrible idea that will cause many deaths. While some may think our robot Gods know all and make no mistakes, machines break down over time, meaning that driver-less car becomes less and less stable every time you drive it (no matter what the creators of said tech have led you to otherwise believe). If you want proof, it just happened.

With an Uber no less:

The Uber vehicle was reportedly driving early Monday when a woman walking outside of the crosswalk was struck.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. 


Just like that. One down, 5.5 billion to go. Uber took to Twitter to spew out some canned apology and have temporarily stopped using self-driving Ubers in Arizona where this crime happened. Yes, a robot just officially killed someone. That is a crime, so WHO will be held responsible for this gross act of negligence:


After posting that, Uber were immediately put in their place by another person on Twitter who straight spoke the truth about their self-driving, killer cars:


That ^ person gets it.

Maybe MASTER the technology before introducing it to the masses it will kill?

Remy Carreiro


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