Deputy Who “Accidentally” Shot Wife Ordered To Give Gun Safety Courses Because Irony

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Quick thing here, no one ACCIDENTALLY shoots their wife, so he tried to kill her and she just lived so he got away with it. Let’s get that clear. Two, and this is when stuff gets hilarious, a man who did just that has been ordered to teach a gun safety course for his punishment, which might be literally the dumbest thing I have ever typed and type a lot of dumb sh*t.

So let me put this in a simpler perspective. A man who misused a gun in the most egregious of ways is being punished by being forced to teach other officers how to misuse their gun.

Yup, makes sense.


On the night of the shooting Rivera, who had been a cop for about five years at the time, was “dry-firing” a Springfield XD 9mm gun in his Moses Lake home. Rivera was testing out the laser on the weapon and pointed the gun, which was loaded, at Sydney and accidentally pulled the trigger.

Accidentally my ass, he could have been aiming ANYWHERE but her. And then having that same man teach gun safety is just the kind of thing that leaves you speechless like some slack-jawed yokel. It would be like punishing a drunk driver by making him teach driver’s ed.

This world has literally become a joke. It is getting harder and harder to write stuff and not see it for what it is:

A society on the edge of extinction.

Hell, even Stephen Hawking’s final words were that we are all gonna die soon. Decisions and moments like this only cement that is a solid truth to me. Good, I am ready to get off this ride, it is meandering and exhausting. Just ask this cop’s wife (when she heals), I am sure she feels the same way.

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