Man Puts Up ‘Used Girlfriend’ For Sale On eBay; Gets $92,000 Bid Before Takedown

used girlfriend
Photo by English News - Dailyhunt

When a relationship is usually going well, that would be the perfect time to resort to extreme pranks. Apart from being able to somehow reignite sparks(?), it can also get rather inconsequential for couples. That is probably what one 34-year-old man named Dale Leeks thought when he put up his “Used Girlfriend” for auction on eBay as a prank for 37-year-old partner, Kelly Greaves.

Dale even got darkly creative with his descriptions saying that the girlfriend for sale “starts okay” but then emits a constant “whining noise” after that can’t be stopped. He even described her “used girlfriend” as “fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.” Additionally, Dale puts up a fair warning, saying that his used girlfriend’s “rear end leaks a bit but nothing that can’t be plugged.” Finally, he would prefer to exchange “her” for a “younger” working model too.

used girlfriend
Photo by Time

So Dave admitted to Kelly what he had done and Kelly being a mature and patient partner took it in good spirits. All was fun and games until people actually bid on Kelly, with the highest amounting to £70,000 or $92,000. Kelly was flattered that someone actually bid on her, but did not appreciate the innuendos where one even asked if he can “come and have a test drive,” another one was asking for the service history of Kelly, while someone else asked, “Does she smoke when she’s being revved hard?”

It was getting out of control so eBay put a stop to it and took the auction down for violating the rule that human body parts are banned for sale. All is good between Dave and Kelly, but when the latter asked him how much would he have sold her for, Dave answered: “I said I would have been upset but I would have been crying in either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, which makes it a whole lot better.” Here’s the lovely couple:

used girlfriend
Photo by Irish Mirror

Meanwhile, Kelly did say that if the buyer did have that kind of money and bought her, then her life would have been better. Still, Dave reiterated that he loves Kelly and would never actually sell her, rear end leaks and all.

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