Fancy Eating Insects? There Is Now A Vending Machine That Sells Edible Bugs… In Japan

eating insects
Photo by TheFifthDigit

It turns out, a lot of cultures in different parts of the world are quite fond of eating insects. China, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and of course, Japan. Those who live in Western countries might have to take their cues from these countries, however, as the future of the food industry might revolve around insects. So Japan, thinking ahead, has made its very first edible insect vending machine, yum.

Here’s hoping that does not bug you, because Japan is quite serious about it. Their insect vending machine first appeared in the Shopping District of Kumamoto. At the moment, it is empty and has no insects yet, but it promises that it will soon have them, probably in different flavors too, meaning different species. Can’t wait for the cockroach-flavored ones, apparently, those are the healthiest in eating insects.

As for the actual variety of insects that the vending machine will sell, the machine comes with 30 buttons, meaning 30 different edible bugs for people to choose from. It appears the people responsible for the said vending machine in Japan also boasted that theirs is the first in the whole world. However, there have already been several insect vending machines in existence around the world.

It is worth noting that that photo above is from a rainforest habitat called Butterfly Wonderland in Arizona, U.S. and it also offers flavored edible insects. There are also some similar vending machines in a museum in Montreal which sells edible insects. Nevertheless, Japan might be on to something here with their widely public insect vending machines, they seem to be keen on putting bugs in their digestive systems.

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