#MySocialMediaPrank: Get Those Social Media Pranks Ready!


With the presence of social media in every aspect of our lives, pranking your followers and friends just sounds like the right thing to do this April Fools Day. Before you go and do a overused and possibly offending prank, like the “I’m pregnant!” post, take a second and check out these clever social media pranks.

Check-in to a random far-away location

Whether you want to fake out your followers or make your mom believe you ran away to the border, this video shows how you can hack your Facebook check-in options. Paris, here we come!

Trump For President
No offense if you are a Trump supporter, it’s a free country. However, if you are known as a Trump hater, posting this on your social media accounts will have your friend wondering if you fell off your rocker. Of course, this prank could also work with a different candidate.

Fake a great opportunity
Announce that you got offered a great job in Paris or getting to go on a trip to South America. Whatever the opportunity, sit back and see who really has your back. It is pretty hilarious to see who has something negative to say about something great happening to others.

social media prank

Bring out your inner Bridezilla
If you find yourself engaged or planning a wedding this April Fools Day, scare your bridal party with a tweet about loving this horrendous bridesmaid gown or making a completely off the wall demand for your wedding. “You know, I’m thinking all bridesmaids should get dreadlocks for the big day!”

What kind of social media pranks will you be pulling on your friends this April Fools Day? Let us know by using the #mysocialmediaprank. We will feature the best ones to live in Internet infamy!

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