Man Pretends To Win Oscar, Pranks Hollywood [Video]


Winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards is a pretty big deal. So, what happens when one man pretends that he was a lucky award winner?

Mark David Christenson did just that. Armed with a fake Oscar award acceptance speech clip, fake Oscar and donning a tuxedo, Christenson hit Hollywood. The results are hilarious.

People actually believed his prank. Some stopped to take pictures with him and his fake award. One lady even asks excitedly, “Can I take a picture with your Grammy?” Which goes to show, people will believe anything they want.

Then, he decides to take it a bit farther. “What can I get for free?” He stops by a convenience store and gets a free gatorade and a pleasure pack of condoms. An Oscar winner has to be ready to party. He even visits a movie theater and asks if he can get a ticket to see “his” movie for free.

He then does the ultimate prank. He goes to a restricted entrance of the actual Academy Awards. The security not only lets him in, but takes pictures with his award. He then walks into a tent of police and talks with them without raising a single eyebrow.

Christenson even visits the bar and gets free drinks and food, while the actual awards show plays in the background. The video goes on to show people shaking his hand and complimenting him on “his” movie. People even flat out lie to him about his “amazing acceptance speech.”

The craziest part of the video comes at the end when someone gives him the key’s to a BMW.

You can see more of Christenson’s hilarious pranks on his production company’s YouTube channel, NewMediaRockstars.

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