A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salary Man [Video]


We can all relate. The work week can take its toll on our physical and emotional wellbeing, especially when working 80 hours a week.

One video chronicles the life of Stu as he adjusts to his life in Tokyo. During what he calls the “busy season” at work, he works 80 hours a week. He decided to film the entire week. The video shows exactly how hard the week is on him. By the end of the work week, Stu seems completely fried.

The video has gone viral on Reddit. The comments have turned into a discussion about life in Tokyo and the loyalty that is expected from a salaryman. A salaryman is a term defined as a working person that takes the train everyday to work.

All joking aside, Stu points out that many people in Tokyo work this schedule around the clock to support their families.

You can see Stu’s other videos about his life in Tokyo on his YouTube channel, Stu In Tokyo.

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