Man Gets ‘The Dress’ Tattoo Just For Fun

Dress Tattoo

White and gold? Blue and black? Whatever the color, one man will remember the dress that almost broke the Internet for the rest of his life.

Daniel Howland decided to get the dress tattooed on his leg because he “thought it would be funny.” The tattoo shows the now famous dress in blue and black with the words, “white and gold?”

@nickyork9000 did a thing on my leg

A photo posted by Daniel Howland (@danielhowland) on

The questionable tattoo took artist, Nick York about twenty minutes to forever commemorate the social media phenomena on the 24-year-old. Howland explained his questionable tattoo choice.

“I keep up with social memes and I see all of this stuff going around. This is the one thing that I couldn’t wrap my brain around,” Howland, a professional piercer, told the New York Daily. originally reported on the Austin, Texas native’s crazy feat.

The dress debacle (also known as dressgate or #thedress) has caused controversy throughout social media. The photo was quickly trending and creating arguments after being posted on a Reddit thread.

Read the original story here.

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