Man Paid Roommate $260 to Slice Off His Member in Bizarre Attempt to Go Viral

This Woman is Begging For Help Dealing with Her Roommate's Creepy Obsession

From filming your break up, to driving around with a blindfold on,
some people will do almost anything to go viral.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get stupider than the “Hot Water Challenge,” along comes this guy and his stab happy roommate.

A British man apparently paid his flatmate £200 ($260) to chop off his genitals in a misguided attempt to viral, with the promise of more money if the stunt proved to be a hit online.

The unusual investigation was launched when an English teacher was found bleeding profusely in Zaragoza, Spain. The 33-year-old’s severed body part was discovered in a bag at his home, after police pursued a trail of blood to his apartment.

Fortunately, surgery to reattach the appendage was a success. The man’s roommate was apprehended by officers, but the victim refused to press charges or accept compensation, instead flew home to the UK.

Man Paid Roommate $260 to Slice Off His Penis in Bizarre Attempt to Go Viral

It was later revealed he’d paid his Spanish roommate to amputate his manly bits to garner online fame. It is believed that the man offered his friend between £2,165 (£2,835) and £4,325 (£5,665), depending on the number of views the video received.

In case you were curious, the film has since been deleted, although it is unclear whether this was before or after it was uploaded to the web.

The duo supposedly drank four bottles of wine and ingested valium to prepare for the stunt, and police originally believed that the man had mutilated himself with no outside involvement.

However, the pair’s bizarre plan was uncovered after a local paper reported that the man had posted an ad online looking for someone to do the amputation.

The 29-year-old roommate is still being held in custody, and despite the Brit not pressing charges, he is expected to be formally charged with serious assault for his actions.

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